In OMPACK, printing is done with flexo printing technique up to 8 colors, and the famous German Windmöller & Hölscher brand Vistaflex and Miraflex machines are used. Especially in recent years, Flexo printing technique, which is the result of developments, has captured the offset and gravure printing technologies visually. In addition, thanks to the technology that allows the mold rollers to change in a short period of time, an advantage has been gained in the supply times.

The works from the customers are given to the printing operation by being converted into cliches according to the requirements of the flexo printing technique. Transforming the designs of our clients' agencies into cliches is a matter of attention, patience and technology. Therefore, we perform graphic works using our best software with our experienced graphic artists. No. plants in Turkey with CDI in HD and NX plates Flexcell investment has been completed as of 2015. In this way, the highest level of tram has been achieved with the flexo printing technique.